1995 Fighting Team


Our Tae Kwon Do Team posing before tourament practice.

Following spring twenty-seven competitors from our club competed at state.

Twenty-three took 1st, second and third place, led by ten of our adult blackbelt volunteers.

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Shelly (Perry) Gilbert 4th Dan Kukkiwon.

US Regional Referee

BP taekwondo


Master Shelly Marie (Perry) Gilbert and John Boise

A hook kick is executed like a Back pivot kick (Pivot, chamber

knee high, point knife edge of heel at target, extend leg.... slightly

off the line... then hook the leg in a motion that looks like you're

trying to kick your rear. Your heel will travel through your target.

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  • 2nd Dan Kukkiwon

  • Today she is a top competitor at 1/4 mile race tracks

  • through out the Mid Western United States

  • Kim


    Kim (Perry) Black (1978) A promising five- year old karate student,

    shows off one of the kicking moves that made her

    the youngest yellow-belt recipient at her school.

    taekwondo, self defense,

    Master Montgomery Refereeing

    Kim@Latonia, Ky 1978

    By the early 80's earned the Silver at AAU Notre Dame Nationals.

    Girl wins state karate title (1984) A shy little seven year-old won first place in sparring (Kumite) at the 12th annual Ohio State Karate Championship held in Columbus.

    The following year Bronze Medal AAU Nationals Jacksonville, Florida.