Master Hayes is the Head Instructor for Iowa Hapkido.

    Here is the final part of the Middfest Demo from 1998. In this part is Master Hayes as a police officer and Master Mike Drahos in the original Pizza man skit. When we originally was thinking of putting together these skits for the Taekwondo National demo it was around the same time that Jackie Chan's "Rumble in the Bronx" Came out. As we were throwing ideas out of what to do. Master Drahos wanted to do something fun and Jackie Chanish. Hence the "Pizza man" doing techniques while keeping the pizza safe. Also is the Iowa State University Hapkido doing Girls vs Boys, and Big Guys Vs Little Guys.

    Korea '98

    Since 1981, people from the featured country have been invited to Middletown to participate and represent their culture. The celebration attracts regional midwestern audiences of over 100,000 every year. Always held the first weekend in October, a continuous schedule of performances, exhibits, and demonstrations takes place from Friday afternoon through Sunday evening. Middfest is year-long celebration of diversity: an international outreach effort that has strengthened personal, civic and professional ties of the community to the many nations it serves through business, education, and industry. It exists to promote world understanding, friendship and peace.

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